What Is Dark Psychology and How To Analyze People With Dark Psychology?

    What Is Dark Psychology

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dark psychology


In psychology, the dark triad encompasses personality traits such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Dark triad research is used in applied psychology, especially in the fields of law enforcement, clinical psychology, and business management. Similar to studies of Big Five personality traits, empirical studies have been conducted in an attempt to understand the relative contributions of biology (nature) and environmental factors (education) to the development of dark triad traits.


Dark psychology can be seen as the study of the relationship between the human condition and the psychological nature of different types of people who prey on others. The fact is that everyone can become a victim of other people or other creatures. However, a small group of people cannot suppress their dark instincts and hurt others in seemingly unimaginable ways.


While some people who use these dark strategies know exactly what they are doing and intend to manipulate you to obtain what they want, others use dark and immoral strategies without fully realizing them. Many of these people have learned strategies from their parents since they were young.


Many of these tutorials convince people that it is okay to use these strategies and can benefit buyers. Many of these programs use shady strategies to build brands or sell products, with the sole purpose of serving themselves or their company, not their customers.


Some of the above techniques are sometimes used unconsciously, and sometimes are also a natural consequence of the psychological state of a person, as, for example, in the case of attachment to anxious-avoidant attachment. From manipulation to persuasion, hypnosis to NLP, all dark psychological techniques are used to influence and control the behavior of others. Normal people use dark psychology for social manipulation, dating, controlling their partner in a relationship, and seducing.


Although psychology studies human behavior and is at the core of our thoughts, actions, and interactions, the term dark psychology is a phenomenon in which people use strategies such as motivation, persuasion, manipulation, and coercion to get what they want. While studying for a Ph.D. and studying abnormal psychology, I stumbled upon a term called the Dark Triad, which refers to what many criminologists and psychologists refer to as criminal behavior and the gentle prediction of troubled and broken relationships. ​​Bill.


Dark personality traits and traits with dark traits are related to destructive behavior and interpersonal problems. These dark triad characteristics are more related to the behavioral and emotional aspects of untrustworthy people.


The dark triad of personality traits can be the real force behind dark psychology, so if you spot compelling examples of these traits in people you know, it might be in your best interest to avoid them. Recent research has shown that people referred to as trolls tend to have dark personality traits and exhibit signs of sadism, antisocial behavior, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Psychologists have long been interested in personality traits that contribute to unwanted or abusive behavior in society. In a meta-analysis of the results of the dark triad and the workplace, Jonason and colleagues (2012) found that each of the dark triad traits is associated with manipulation in the workplace, but each through unique mechanisms.


Research on how sadists enjoy cruelty to subjects has been applied to test people with dark underworld characteristics. To this end, a group of psychologists led by Delroy Polhus of the University of British Columbia in Canada developed a 28-point scale to measure narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychosis, and sadism Personality traits. It is one thing to define a new personality structure, and another to measure it.


Mitigating factors that act as accelerators and / or attractants to approach the Dark Singularity, and where human atrocities fall on the Dark Continuum, is what Dark Psychology calls the Dark Factor. “Dark psychology is both the construction of human consciousness and the study of the human condition, as it refers to the psychological nature of humans to hunt others motivated by psychopathic, deviant, or psychopathological criminal impulses that lack purpose and general assumptions about motives, evolutionary biology. and social science theory. The authors argue that dark psychology is ubiquitous throughout the human species and manifests itself as predatory behavior (tendencies) with no apparent rational motivation. The authors' goal is to investigate the nature of psychology. to understand the origin and development of psychological phenomena that induce people to exhibit predatory behavior in the absence of any obvious rational motivation.


From now on, I will refer to as a "dark psychologist" anyone who uses the tools of influence and persuasion in a way that will harm the recipient. Of course, sometimes the boundaries between a normal person and a dark psychologist are blurred.


Some people are "darker" than others and much more manipulative than others. By claiming that the other person has experiential or academic growth, manipulative dark psychologists suggest that experience is a form of latent belief. Another technique that dark psychology is promoting is using a core belief to get people to change their minds.


Persuasion does not harm people, while dark psychology is a powerful tool of manipulation, in which the target in most cases suffers. However, the methods that are often recommended for people trying to apply dark psychology to their enemies are actually just well-known principles in social psychology and other trivial psychological phenomena.


In fact, people you trust and love often resort to covert manipulation and dark beliefs. The biggest truth of manipulation is that the greatest skill of manipulators always lies in choosing targets that are easier to manipulate. Using psychological tactics, the target is manipulated to do something good for you, but bad for him.


In general, we can say that you use other feelings, thoughts and emotions to create mental games to achieve your goals. I think it is necessary not only to distinguish between persuasive psychology and manipulative psychology, but also between these two things. In persuasion, we use psychological techniques to influence others, but we will not manipulate them. Using the psychological principles of influence, manipulation and coercion for purposes that may benefit the offender, but will damage or limit the freedom and power of the recipient.


What's more, it changes already known psychological principles and adds the promise that they can help people advance in their personal lives and careers through dark tactics. But the above statements are still true, and as such, dating is becoming a breeding ground for manipulators and questionable psychologists. The dark psychologist shows complete disregard for his partner's well-being as he tries to maximize his personal interests exclusively.


The former are those who try to research dark psychology in order to avoid being manipulated, while the latter half are studying dark psychology so that they can be manipulated. It is true that much of the human behavior associated with evil acts is intentional and purposeful, but dark psychology suggests that there is an area in which intentional behavior and purposeful motivation becomes obscure. This data "is consistent with the idea that support for some Republican candidates (and Trump in particular) does not come despite their inhuman rhetoric, but partly because of it," Cteiley and Bruno conclude in Personality and Social Psychology. Bulletin.


How To Analyze People With Dark Psychology

dark psychology,how to analyze people with dark psychology,what is dark psychology,dark psychology and manipulation,
dark psychology

If psychology is the study of human behavior, focusing on actions, interactions, and thoughts, then dark psychology is a phenomenon in which people use coercion, manipulation, persuasion, and motivation in order to get what they want. However, this is mainly the basic personality/typical psychology of the reader. Dark psychology is the study of powerful strategies that can be used to persuade and influence people.
Even if you are not a psychologist, you can read a person's body language. Please note that most people cannot control their body language to reveal their most personal emotions and thoughts. Dark psychology focuses on understanding the thoughts that may lead to this dangerous behavior.
Plus, you can use secret psychological tricks to easily nudge and persuade people. Even if you are not a psychiatrist with years of training experience, after reading this book, you will be able to read people's expressions and non-verbal language without difficulty. This can be done so that you can significantly influence their way of thinking and get exactly what you want from them. Then people will begin to behave and think about reality exactly the way the manipulator wants.
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Unlike persuasion, manipulation occurs at a deeper and more unconscious level. The buyer or reader is responsible for their own actions. When applied correctly, you will see productivity and sales gains.

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