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AnyDesk was founded in Germany in 2014 and its unique remote desktop software has been downloaded by over 300 million users worldwide, up 5 million monthly.

 It is cross-platform software that provides platform independent remote access to various devices such as PCs and others. storage device. Users can access other devices through the app, which can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and mobile versions for iOS and Android. Provide remote access, file transfer, VPN function. Provides safe and reliable features. AnyDesk has a built-in address book feature that tracks connections or contacts and allows users to determine the online status of those connections.


AnyDesk is also available in areas with low bandwidth and few Internet connections. : AnyDesk is free for personal use, so if your loved one needs help fixing your computer, you will make it comfortable at home and you won't have to pay a dime.Not only that, you don’t need to register for love or money, and you almost don’t need space on your computer. Just download the 3MB file and get started! Anyone who wants to connect should also download AnyDesk. Just let them know how easy it is and they will be ready to go in no time. 

That's all! You can now start your first session. AnyDesk Features AnyDesk is better than remote desktop software, which has many features as below: Communicating with Contacts AnyDesk has an address book feature that saves contact details and allows users to view their online status. AnyDesk Remote Access has a management tool that allows users to perform various tasks such as remote reboot, session reporting, report analysis, etc.Personalization: AnyDesk is highly customizable. 

We can customize the interface to provide an intuitive remote desktop interface. Recording: Enables screen recording. Both the customer and the repair provider can record the session; Provides a new level of security. This is a useful function for training. Private network: There is no cloud storage in it. But we will create our business network to have complete control over our data. High Performance: Provides high performance, low latency, and fast data transfers. Performance is always a concern for remote connections. 

Provides the DeskRT codec for low latency performance on high-resolution devices.Security and Reliability: AnyDesk is used by millions of users around the world. Provides a secure connection from basic use. It uses industry standard TLS 1.2 banking technology to keep you safe and secure from unauthorized access at all times. AnyDesk server uses Erlang telecommunication technology. for maximum reliability. How to Install AnyDesk AnyDesk is provided free of charge for personal use.

 For business purposes, we may need to purchase it. Its free version has enough features to use. But its premium version contains more advanced features like multi-device connectivity, simultaneous sessions, etc.To install AnyDesk, we have to download the installer file, after downloading the file, it can be installed with one click to install it, we run the executable file and follow the instructions, also the process will be the same for all operating systems such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. E. To install AnyDesk on Windows operating system, follow these steps: Step 1: Step 1: Open your browser and search for; will take you to the official AnyDesk website. Or click on this link: The following screen will appear:

Step 2. Click the Free Download button if you want the free version, or click Buy if you want the paid version. After clicking the download button, the download will start automatically.

Step 3. When the download is complete, a pop-up window with two buttons "Run" and "Cancel" will appear, then click the "Run" button.

Step 4: When you click the Run button, another panel will appear, click OK and Install.

Step 5: Now the AnyDesk remote access tool has been successfully installed on our computer. To use it, click the AnyDesk icon and open it. AnyDesk interface will be displayed as follows:

How To Set up a Connection

To establish a connection. Enter the identifier of the remote device in the search bar on the right. Don't forget: never give strangers access to your device and beware of online scams! have automatic access to your work computer in an office where there is no one to just accept session requests? Take a look at your security settings - there you will find a password and two-factor authentication for automatic access. It does not need to be taken manually on the remote control side. How else can you choose who to attach?When you open the AnyDesk home page, potential contacts and their online status are displayed as follows:

 AnyDesk Start Screen on Windows: This is a list of devices that have AnyDesk installed that are part of your network.

 ABOUT FAVORITES: Your most visited devices are listed here.

 OR LAST PARTS: Recently connected devices are listed here. To further organize your contacts? Our AnyDesk license contains an address book, among many other useful features, where you can categorize your contacts using tags.

 Pros ·

 “This application is very important during COVID19, although If you do not have a computer technician at home, it can successfully respond to queries through any desktop computer. employees work from home. · “Compared to well-known competitors, this is a tool because it is lightweight and free.This is very important, especially for small offices and if you have to use older machines. · “Wonderful experience of helping others. This software made life easier for me and other people who are not so tech friendly.

 Cons · 

»If you have a problem, your internet connection will take longer and be a little slow. · “The only feature of mobile support that disappoints me a little is the mouse controls on mouse devices are a bit complex and difficult to use on mobile devices. · “Sorry, I have not received a prior warning. There were times when they took over my computer and I didn't realize it. · “Sometimes the connection seems to be interrupted, but no warnings or messages are given. This is really annoying.


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