L deathnote : How to Think Like L from Death Note

L death note / L, the anonymous hero of the hit anime series Death Note, has been praised by some and reviled by others as one of the greatest

 How to Think Like L from Death Note

L deathnote / L, the anonymous hero of the hit anime series Death Note, has been praised by some and reviled by others as one of the greatest detectives in fictional history. His talent to seek out criminals, his brilliant mind, and his habit of collecting apples all have something to do with this praise—but one quality that many people don’t think about when they talk about L is how he thinks. This article will take you through some of the ways that L approaches situations and problem-solving that you can apply to your own life in order to start thinking like L!

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Don’t Do Things by Half-Measures

L’s special ability was his complete and utter single-mindedness. As he explains, The most important thing is to think differently. This meant that L never did things by half-measures. Once he decided on a goal, he devoted all of his energy toward accomplishing it in an efficient way with minimal resources.

Take Risks

While there’s a proper way to do things in most situations, there are instances where breaking protocol will help you get ahead. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking risks and making risky decisions can actually help you live longer and make you happier too. Don’t be afraid of taking some chances if they could reap big rewards (and if they don’t kill you). However, take care that your risky decision-making doesn’t blindside those who depend on you or force them into uncomfortable situations as well. Do try your best not to hurt others while doing whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

Use Logic and Reason

Don’t just take what someone says at face value; think about it, do some research, and draw your own conclusions. This will give you a much better understanding of what people mean than simply going by someone else’s word. The most important thing to consider is that we are all inherently biased—we can never be completely objective. That doesn’t mean we can't work toward an impartiality, but it does mean we should always be aware of our opinions, however neutral they may seem. If you want to know what makes L tick (or at least make him less dangerous), don’t take things at face value; instead, dig deeper for concrete answers in order to make logical and reasoned arguments.

Observe the World Around You

Your friends and family aren’t just people who you know. They’re research subjects in disguise. Get out of your room and into a public place where there are people around you. Write down any actions that L would have been interested in, such as someone fighting or someone being kind to another person. What did they do? How did they act? Did it work out for them? Jotting all of these things down is your first step toward becoming L. The more information you gather,the easier it will be for you think like him when he really needs you later on! As we said before, don’t forget that no idea is too small or insignificant; everything could hold some sort of clue towards solving a case!

Let Go of Bad Habits Immediately

Do it immediately. L had a two-minute rule when he was trying to figure out how to start a new habit. It went like so: He thought of a new habit, set his alarm for two minutes later and waited until that time came around before doing it. This created an artificial sense of urgency, which helped him get into do it now mode right off the bat. One easy way you can apply that same principle is by downloading an app like Habitica or Momentum, both of which will give you small rewards if you accomplish certain tasks within 24 hours of starting them. They make your new habits feel more urgent—and thus less difficult.

Work Hard

As a detective, L is often very misunderstood. Because he is so eccentric and different than most people, it’s easy for many people (including his colleagues) to think that his work habits are slacking or not enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth. L works harder than anyone else in his department and has an astounding case solve rate. A big part of how he can accomplish so much is because he has mastered working hard without burning out or getting distracted by things like sleep, food, and personal relationships. Instead of taking time off when he feels like it (or when others think he should), L will practice working hard every day until he feels like taking a break—and then go right back at it again later on.

Don’t be Afraid to Show Off!

His obsession with fairness aside, L’s real genius lies in his ability to intimidate criminals and force them into submission. He uses his power very sparingly and only when absolutely necessary, but because he does use it regularly (if only for mere minutes at a time), no one dares challenge him. Even smarter criminals know better than to tangle with him. As such, he’s able to get information out of people almost without trying. Remember: If you want others to respect you and your ideas, you must be willing to demonstrate that they should be respected. This can take many forms; make sure yours is working for you as well as it can!

Take Advantage of Others' Weaknesses

L figured out how to beat Light because he was able to anticipate his next move. This was easier said than done, but L did it by constantly looking for clues about his opponent's strengths and weaknesses. He could see patterns in Light's behavior, discover how Light responded when things didn't go exactly as planned, and narrow down his options until he found what worked best against him. Similarly, you should be aware of your own weak points and take advantage of others' strengths—don't waste time and energy trying to fight people where they're strongest. Instead, zero in on their weakest spots and use that knowledge against them.


l death note

One of his good traits is that he’s decisive. He doesn’t waste time contemplating and ruminating over each and every little decision; he makes a call and acts on it immediately. This trait has its positives and negatives, but more often than not it allows him to avoid getting bogged down in tedious details while maintaining an overview of everything happening around him. When L tries something, he goes all in—and then reflects on what worked or didn’t work when it’s all said and done. By keeping himself focused on outcomes rather than processes, L is able to maintain his analytical nature without getting bogged down by overly-detailed thoughts that might take away from problem solving—the way most people do.

Who was Your Favourite Character Light or  L??

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