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Victini is now available for capture for each trainer on Pokemon Go thanks to investigate a mysterious energy source that was initially called Victory

Investigate a mysterious energy

Niantic Labs’ Pokemon GO has become one of the biggest mobile games in history in just a few weeks since its initial release, surpassing millions of downloads and bringing many gamers back to their childhoods.

 Despite its success, many people have expressed concerns about potential issues with the game, particularly when it comes to how much data it uses and how it affects GPS signal strength and phone batteries. For those who believe there might be more to Pokemon GO than meets the eye, this investigation of mysterious energy surges may prove to be enlightening—and perhaps even exciting!

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investigate a mysterious energy

What is going on?

A couple of weeks ago, there was some speculation about a mysterious surge in cellular energy usage. People thought it might be related to Apple’s iBeacon implementation or something strange happening with Google Maps’ traffic data. The truth is that Pokemon Go has become a massive phenomenon over just a few days, and it was consuming gobs of mobile data. Here’s what happened, according to an inside source at Niantic Labs—the company behind Pokémon Go—and why you shouldn’t worry about your cellular data disappearing any time soon... If nothing else, Pokemon Go has demonstrated that cellular networks are robust enough to handle large spikes in usage (at least for a little while). In fact, all those new smartphone users could even help ease congestion on mobile networks as more people start using them for things other than basic phone calls and text messages. There are lots of exciting possibilities here! Just don't get too carried away playing Pokemon Go until we figure out how fast these rumors really move!

The Potential Connection

We all know how Pokemon Go has taken over people’s lives. From walking around aimlessly in an attempt to catch em’ all, to Gyms being sprouted up at monuments, it has definitely been on everyone’s radar for quite some time now. But what about that new wave of mysterious energy that is supposedly linked to the game. The link between them is still unclear, but more and more players have reported experiencing strange phenomenon while playing (or before they even play). Some might believe it could be related to dark matter; however others think it has something to do with extra-terrestrial activity. So who knows? Could there really be some truth behind these claims? Only time will tell... but until then we can only speculate!

What Else Can We Say About This Energy?

So far, nothing. We know that there’s something out there, but our best attempts at pinpointing it have failed thus far. We’re still working on it. In general, though, we’re not sure how we feel about another energy source being discovered so close to home; usually these things happen out in space or something. This one feels too big for us to tackle; someone else will have to get involved and figure out what’s going on here. It could be anything... hopefully nothing. If anyone has any information regarding these new fluctuations in reality, please do let us know right away so we can investigate a mysterious energy them as quickly as possible and get everyone safe once again. Thanks! 

While we may not have uncovered all of its mysteries just yet, rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to bring you more answers—and keep you safer—as soon as possible. There is much more for us to uncover before all is said and done with these newfound energies. The team already has a lot of research ahead of them in their pursuit of an answer, but they are very determined—we believe they will make some progress sooner rather than later! (At least, we hope.) But even if they don’t succeed... well, sometimes you lose when you play.

Connecting the Dots

When launching any new product, companies do their best to anticipate every outcome and every possibility. That's why it comes as no surprise that some Pokemon GO players are having connection issues. With millions of gamers potentially trying to connect at once, we understand why Niantic is working so hard to remedy these connectivity problems quickly. It's probably too early to say whether or not there is some sort of malfunction within Pokémon GO itself; however, many users have reported widespread connectivity issues on Twitter. There have also been reports that gamers have lost their GPS signal when playing Pokemon GO - even while playing indoors!

 While it's entirely possible that there is something wrong with Niantic's servers, we're hoping there isn't an underlying issue. It's been speculated that some players may be experiencing issues connecting because they are downloading Pokemon GO while on a mobile data plan instead of their home Wifi network. If you've experienced poor connectivity at all while playing Pokemon GO, try using Wifi instead of your data plan and see if that makes any difference.

After more inspection on your completed searches, I am confident that Victini is the Victory Pokemon. The reports referred to Victini as IT. Since every mythical Pokemon comes from a different age, it seems only fitting that Victini, as both Gen 5s first mythical Pokemon Gos main Pokemon, should have been delivered that way right off the bat.


Victini is now available for capture for each trainer on Pokemon Go thanks to investigate a mysterious energy source that was initially called Victory Feeling, an exclusive quest for exploring, and was released Wednesday, September 30th. Investigate a Mysterious Energy Pokemon Go Quest Steps Below, you will find all of the steps for and confirmed rewards of Investigate a Mysterious Energy, previously called The Feeling of Victory, special research. On September 30, 2020, Pokemon GO Trainers will be given access to a new Special Research Assignment, courtesy of Professor Willow, called Investigate a Mysterious Energy.


The steps for this quest are identical to the ones in Misunderstood Mysteries, with a slight change in rewards and quest order. The steps of the research are identical to those from Misunderstood Mischief with slightly altered rewards and task order. Misunderstood is rolling out to all Pokemon Go players right now. Much like Mythical Discoveries, A Ripple in Time is divided into eight parts, and doing those tasks will let trainers capture Celebi.


This is the fifth of the series of challenges. Thankfully, this latest set of challenges is not timed quests, so Trainers can take their time to do them, and by all accounts, you are going to need that, since there are plenty of Pokestops to turn, Pokemon to catch, and so on. There are many mysteries surrounding our journey ahead, so I will continue examining our quest notes.


If you have not completed that research mission, you may want to take a look at our guide, Rocket Straight To Victory, to get some useful tips. The research for A Mysterious Energy is divided into six stages, each of which has three unique difficulties. Research a Mysterious Energy is also the fifth installment of a series of special questlines for Pokemon Go, planned around specific mythical Pokemon.    

To capture Victini, participants must go through a Special Research Rockets Direct Victory Questline in order to stop the Team Go Rocket invasion at the 2020 Go Fest. There is no limit on the time when Investigate A Mystery Energy can be completed, although Go Fest 2020 attendees accessing Rocket Straight to Victory must be aware they will instead receive a Victini Candy. Pokemon Go players who have already caught a Victini at Go Fest 2020 will receive Victini candy instead of the encounter, but candy is essential for recharging a Mythical Pokemon.    

If you attended Go Fest 2020 and completed the quest for the Victini, a Feeling Victory research mission will award Victini Candy instead. The Feeling of Victory Pokemon Go quest is finally coming, after Niantic revealed non-attendees at Go F 2020 would get the opportunity to catch Victini down the road. With the exception of Mew, unique mythical Pokemon were introduced as exclusive rewards first through a paid GO Fest annual event, then made available for free to other players via another special survey, which became available months later.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and continuing our investigation into these bizarre and disturbing reports!

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