Google Summer Of Code 2024

Google Summer of Code 2023 The Google Summer of Code 2023 program is designed to encourage student participation in open source development


Google Summer Of Code 2024

GSOC 2024 is a unique program in which students work with mentors who introduce them to the Open Source community and guide them in working on open source projects in the real world during their summer break from university.

Students will work on a programming project with an open source organization for 10 weeks during their school break. 

They will link students with mentors to place their work in the context of an ongoing research project. Students are supervised by an experienced employee of the organization and receive a scholarship from Google in return for their time.    

Many students continue to work on their projects at the GSoC and become active open source contributors. 

Summer of Code is a program that allows students to participate with mentors from participating organizations in developing an open source project.

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By September 2020, 715 open source projects have participated in the mentoring program in areas as diverse as operating systems, community services and more.

 In the past, the GCC was used as a mentor organization under the umbrella of the GNU Project. However, most organizations that have participated in the last 16 years have reported that Google Summer of Code has helped them find new community members and active committers.    

Students will work on the project by writing code, determining what changes to the input LTO are significant at different stages of LTO processing and attempting not to repeat work that leads to the same result. 

The project is open to all ideas and will reflect the proposals of the students. If you have a project idea for students and would like to work on it, please discuss it in any way you can on the application mailing list or talk to them on IRC.    

The student will contact the mentor organization with which he wants to work and write a project proposal for the summer. 

Once adopted, the student will spend a month integrating into the organization before starting programming.

 The student will program for the organization under the guidance of the mentor and will work on the project during the summer break, observing all deadlines agreed upon by the mentor.

    Google organizes it every year between May and mid-August, a three-month program in which students work for organizations on projects of their choice.

 If you are interested in open source projects or your developer spirit generates good ideas on how to make software more valuable to its users by adding features, Google Summer of Code is the best platform to showcase your skills.

 The program, known as the "Code of the World," brings mentors together with university programmers working on important open source projects that create value for its users and the code world.    

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Potential student participants discuss application ideas with mentors of each organization. Organisations will shortlist students to submit their project proposals to selected organisations. Existing participants of these organizations will be selected to supervise the student project.    

To apply to the GSoC 2024, each organization must submit a list of ideas and projects that will be published on the organization's website. 

The organizations listed below will filter the projects they offer and finalize the projects you want to work on during summer break. 

Once an organization has selected a project, there is one more thing you need to do: Start working on your proposal that will introduce you to the community.    

Whether the project you're working on, the technology you're using, the people you're communicating with - it all depends on the organization you choose. 

The GSoC project list and the list of mentors are the most important parts of the Google Code Summer of Code application.    

Last year, GSoC students from the Pharo Consortium worked on the DataFrame project. At the Google Summer of Code, our ten finalists worked with us on the DBpedia project, and the great result was presented to the public.     

Once the students have completed the first important task of the project, the coding phase ends and the next task is to implement the quote plugin and use the new functionality as the basis of the plugin.

How to write and submit A Gsoc Proposal?

Write some work that will not be completed during the GSoC period due to time constraints, but after the GSoC. Mention the commitments you will have during the GSoC period, indicate the number of hours per week that you can devote to your GSoC project.


After submitting your application, check your application on the GSoC website once or twice a day. Mentors will leave notes on your question if they need additional information or have additional questions about your proposal that they need to answer before making a decision. 

If you are the OWASP project manager, the developers of your project may contact you about the idea they want to submit.


A proposal is, in essence, a description of your organization, how you will deal with the project. Your proposal will be an advertisement on GSoC 2023, so you need to convince your mentor to motivate why you are the right fit for the project. You must submit a draft proposal that will allow mentors to ask questions or make suggestions about your proposal (for example, if something is unclear).    

We cannot see or comment on the final submissions, so if you want feedback you must * submit a draft. As a reminder, you can submit and resubmit your final proposal as many times as you like before the deadline. Before the end of the application period, you must submit the final proposal in PDF format in order for your proposal to be reviewed by the GSoC program.    

If you submit only a draft and don't submit the final PDF proposal, organizations won't be able to see your proposal. Therefore, he will not be able to accept you - this is an automatic rejection of the system.    

Try to have someone review your application before submitting it, be it a mentor for the very specific project (in the case of ideas already generated on the following pages) or someone with experience in a specific area (such as filesystem or AJAX). Get Your Proposal Reviewed: It is important that your proposal is reviewed by the project mentor or the right person in the organization. It would be great if your proposal was reviewed by previous GSoC students. Try adding technical details to your proposal, and if you've ever participated in any other open source organization or project, include them in your proposal.    

DO NOT demotivate yourself if your proposal was not chosen, keep working open source, I am sure you will learn a lot. Please note that if you submit your project, you will be required to discuss the idea with the community and find a mentor before posting a question. 

You are encouraged to contact the mentoring organization ahead of time to discuss your ideas and get feedback and a better understanding of the work they are doing before submitting your final proposal. To be eligible to participate as a mentoring organization, you must be a group working on an active free / open source software project such as


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When organizations are selected, students submit their project proposals to the selected organization. These proposals and ideas are selected by the organizations, and once submitted, they begin to work together on the proposal and ideas.

 The best suggestions come from students who took the time to chat and discuss their ideas with the organization prior to the presentation. Your idea proposal should contain a brief description of what the project is about, what the desired goals will be, what the student should know, and your contact email address.    

Your proposal should convince the mentors that you are the right person for the project, who can take it to the next level. Whoever you mentor will need to test your proposal to make sure it is at least somewhat realistic.

 So, as a general guideline, write a clear proposal about what you are going to do, what your project is and what not, etc. We encourage you to browse the pages of ideas from yesteryear, look for ready-to-use designs and get an idea of ​​the scope of work. expected for a valid GSoC proposal.    

Once you have completed the template and detailed the proposal, you must follow Google's instructions to submit it. Be sure to submit your proposal well in advance so you can make the most of the feedback from the mentors and the community at large and finalize your proposal before the deadline. 

Submit Draft Proposal in Advance - Submit a draft proposal in advance so the mentor can provide their views prior to final submission and ask you questions or request more information on aspects of your proposal. 

Submit your draft proposal in advance during the application period so that the organization's faculty can review it and ask you questions or request more information on aspects of your proposal before the deadline.    

The sooner you send in a well-drafted proposal, the more time they will have to give you feedback so you can strengthen it and better understand what they are looking for. The best proposals are written in advance and presented as drafts, which gives time for suggestions / comments before the deadline. It is possible to submit a proposal to Google without our consideration if you are confident and understand what we need from you, however we recommend that you review the draft proposal if you are ready in advance. By now, anyone interested in working on any project ideas should have started working on your proposals.    

Discussing your idea is an important step before writing your proposal. Think carefully about your proposal and write it with all the descriptions. You can see how important it is to know the priority of a project for submitting a proposal.    

Submit your application/proposal, including all requirements, in the next section of the Google Summer of Code website. If you submit the proposal as "final," the tutor will not be able to access it before the deadline. Quotes submitted outside of the Google Summer of Code program website will not be considered by Google Summer of Code.    

We invite students to contact their respective developer communities within OSGeo before submitting their applications to the official GSoC website. 

Through the GSoC, accepted student candidates will be matched with OWASP mentors who will guide them through their coding activities. Google will offer salaries to successful collaborator students, allowing them to focus on their programming projects throughout the GSoC. The Google Summer of Code 2024 program is designed to encourage student participation in open source development.


If you don’t know, Google organizes GSoC every year to help students find open source organizations and projects. Mentors reward those students who show genuine interest in the projects they want to develop, and they make suggestions for improvements themselves and ask appropriate questions. The instructor can tell you exactly what the organization wants to do for a specific project of GSoC. The instructor can tell you exactly what the organization wants to do for a specific project of GSoC.


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